Virtual Events (that don’t suck!)

Initiative Lead:

David Umfleet

The Challenge

A $600B+ events industry with millions of employees has come to a halt. To survive, companies have to reinvent themselves and the services they offer. Event Hosts, Planners and Producers must find the right mix of technology solutions to create impactful virtual events.


The Opportunity

• Enhance the virtual events experience through the use of current and emerging technologies

• Develop new tools to improve event ROI

• Build a uniform product with pricing to deliver to clients (Story+Vision)

• Gain partnerships to broaden your supply chain and drive down costs

• Expand business opportunities


What Are We


We are bringing together some of the worlds leading experts and technology providers related to Virtual Broadcast Technologies, Technology Infrastructure Design, Software Management, Hardware Integration, Event Planning, AI, VR/XR/AR, and Networking to discuss how we can recreate the magic of a live event in a virtual environment. How do we inspire, lead, engage, evaluate, demonstrate, team-build or connect, in a virtual arena?


Featured Members

David Umfleet

CEO / Owner at Digital AV Events

Arteen Kharrat

CEO at Amp’d Entertainment

Malia LaFleur

Director of BD at WorldStage, Inc.


The Backyard Brain Trust is for innovation leaders, exponential thinkers, technology providers and future focused companies. If you would like to be a part of building the future in real-time, fill out the form below to apply.

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