This is where ideas come out and play

The Backyard Brain Trust gives leading enterprises the unique space and tools needed to ideate, validate and build modern business solutions, fast.


Ideas need room to breathe, free from the fetters of bloated budgets and corporate bureaucracy. With the right team, the right mindset, and some space to explore what’s possible, we are able to turn business challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth. This space is what we call the backyard, and those who gather here come to build the future in real-time.


Innovation doesn’t happen in the board room with a bunch of people that think in exactly the same way—it happens when people from different domains, with different ideas and experiences come together to solve hard problems.  The opportunities we pursue are born from collisions of diverse perspective.



A hand-picked
group of people 
and companies

Diverse perspectives and skillsets are carefully selected for each particular business challenge we aim to solve.


A framework for
innovation and

When headed into new territory, you need the right guide to lead the way. You know the outcome you want, and we know how to get there. 


Proof of concept,
prototype and
viable solution

From a brainstorming conversation to solution in production - we ensure every required role is filled.


New friends
and meaningful

Leave the Backyard Brain Trust with a more expansive, helpful network of people you can trust and call upon.

Active Initiatives

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If you would like to run a Backyard Brain Trust with your company,
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The Approach

The Backyard Brain Trust starts with a gathering (online, while COVID runs its course) that brings together technology partners, domain experts and end customers around a specific business challenge or opportunity. 

We work together to translate business opportunities into actionable solution plans. Every role needed to deliver a complete solution (all of the wedges) will be present and ready to contribute. From there ideas are exchanged, alliances are formed and guided collaboration happens to arrive at a viable solution quickly.

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The Opportunity 


The Solution 


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Digital Orchestration



There is a chasm—on one side are the companies of the world, each with unique business challenges and opportunities. On the other side is the ever- expanding universe of emerging technologies. Closing this gap is hard, expensive, and many times, daunting.

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The Backyard Brain Trust disrupts traditional models by enabling value-based innovation within a framework that leverages a trusted network of technology hardware, software, services and expertise that come together to ideate and deliver modern business solutions, in real-time.

The Digital Orchestrator

The Backyard Brain Trust leverages the skill-sets of Digital Orchestrators—experts who help shape new products, solutions, and business models. They work with innovation leaders and companies to deeply understand business challenges and opportunities, and conceive new and exciting solutions. Our Digital Orchestrators know technology, but more importantly they understand the “art of the possible” and how to build solutions that deliver real value while balancing the the tradeoffs of ROI versus technical complexity and risk.

The Solution Registry

Sometimes a desired solution already exists, someone else in our network has built it — or something very close to it — already. In that case, our Digital Orchestrators bring together the end customer, route to market, and all the wedges necessary to start working.

The Wedges

For new desired solutions, our Digital Orchestrators determine the necessary components required which we categorize in the four main areas of technology hardware, software, services and experts. These wedges often include sensors, edge hardware, network connectivity, an IoT platform, a cloud platform, software developers and designers, technicians to install components in the field, consultants to train users, and support resources to keep things working.

The Solution

Once the Digital Orchestrator has pulled in the ideal partners from the ecosystem to play each role, we can start determining viability, feasibility, and any technical hurdles or user adoption issues that haven’t yet been considered. Now the solution needs to be prototyped, piloted, and moved into production. The execution of these steps will vary within different industry segments, and are typically led by the head of innovation. Once all the pieces have been thoughtfully combined, our Digital Orchestrator steps away — still involved, but in an observatory role.

The Route to Market

Once a solution has been created, it can quickly and seamlessly be taken to a larger market by leveraging strategic partners in the network that have deep and extensive relationships with customers around the world.

If you are interested in becoming a
Digital Orchestrator, lets talk.